"A good journalist has to stay absolutely curious and committed to answering those questions to help others live."
– Diane Sawyer

Kaitlyn Chana is a dynamic reporter, philanthropist, entrepreneur, speaker, and is known to many as a servant leader. Reporting is a passion that came to Kaitlyn early in life – she started her career in high school, working at a government access channel in Orlando. Whether reporting from the Can-Am Sled Dog Race in Maine, to medical technology used inside the operating room, to speaking about her story of suffering from three eating disorders, she has the ability to entertain while informing the public.

Since Kaitlyn was knee high, she wanted to be a storyteller. As a media maven, she has a passion for connecting the world through communication in a multimedia forum. It is from her experiences and the journalists that she has met that Kaitlyn has become the reporter she is today. She believes, “Everyone in life has a personal story of excitement, love, desperation, hurt or a driven message.”

The essential tools of life are built by the experiences we encounter and how these particular events influence our perspective. At heart, Kaitlyn is a daredevil who doesn’t mind getting a few scrapes. She has walked on a bed of hot coals, which were 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, skydived at 130 miles per hour, and went dog sledding with a former Alaskan musher. Kaitlyn believes those who create an extraordinary life and achieve their highest vision share one fundamental power: the ability to overcome any fear or personal limitation. This motto has allowed her to chase her wildest dreams.