Kaitlyn’s journey has been very humbling, as her stories have been told in many media facets. Between starting an international organization to carrying the Olympic Torch, Kaitlyn has been featured in many magazines, online web stories and has been interviewed by radio personalities.

As Kaitlyn turned to leave and the little girl started to fall back aslee, she clutched the handmade duck card Kaitlyn had brought her tight to her chest and gently rubbed the duck on its cover.

by Abraham Aboraya, Seminole Chronicle – Huggable Hero

A Love Letters card is designed to make these kids laugh or smile, so the cards are always fun, colorful and upbeat.

by Linda Saracino, Seminole Magazine – Love Letters: Random Cards of Kindness

She is an avid volunteer in the community by leading through example that young people can make a significant difference in their local communities.

CeCe Cole, Silke Endress – Healing Smiles, Loving Hugs, and Colorful Laughter

I felt as if my Love Letters card was like a blanket that covered her (Love Letters child) with warmth and love.

by Kaitlyn Chana, Inspirational Magazine – The Power of A Card

And because of her outstanding charity work, Chana was one of only 20 Americans selected to carry the Olympic torch prior to the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver.

by Christine Dellert, Pegasus – Carrying The Torch

Kaitlyn showed commitment to her community. She is a great example of a young person who has done some pretty remarkable things,” Norton said

by Lindsay DeCarlo, Central Florida Future – LEAD Scholar chosen to be Olympic torchbearer

Kaitlyn believes, “Each one of us (medalist) is unique and as the medals were placed around our necks you could see the excitement pour over our faces

by Kaitlyn Chana, The Congressional Award – Gold Medalist Banquet

It’s one thing to say you’re an Olympic torchbearer,” she said. “It’s another to put on the uniform.”

by Linda Shrieves, Orlando Sentinel – She’ll Carry Olympic Fire

Teens can change lives with heartfelt volunteering

Jacqueline was the epitome of a young girl, full of life and energy. Butterflies covered her bedroom walls, a pink comforter adorned her canopy bed, and coloring books were scattered around her room. Her light-as-a-feather figure gracefully captured her free spirit as she often danced around her Barbie playhouse.

However, one day Jacqueline's care-free lifestyle changed when her parents received a devastating phone call. Nothing in the English language changes a child's life like the six-letter word cancer. This bubbly 6-year-old would lose her golden locks, porcelain complexion and strength during months of chemo and radiation treatments.

Source orlandosentinel.com

Countdown to the Olympics With UCF Torchbearer

Kaitlyn Chana ran 300 meters to a screaming crowd in Calgary, Canada, last month carrying one of the world’s most famous symbols of unity and peace. The University of Central Florida freshman Olympic torchbearer called the experience “one of the most surreal moments of my life.”Chana can’t wait to watch the Winter Olympics 2010 Opening Ceremony tonight, knowing that she helped carry the flame across Canada to kick-start the Vancouver games.

“That was probably one of the best days of my life,” says the bubbly 18-year-old aspiring television anchor. “While I was running, I was so excited, and it went very quickly. But I can still remember the facial expressions and the laughter and excitement from the people.


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